Capital Toolbox offers the following consulting services and deliverables:

Financial Consulting

Fractional CFO, Financial Analysis, and Raising Money

  • Fractional CFO Services – Save money and preserve equity by contracting us instead of hiring a full-time in-house CFO. We’ll provide financial strategy, budgeting, financial modeling, help raising money, compensation plans, risk management, and other financial tasks. Fractional CFO contracts can be billed hourly or through affordable monthly retainers. We work remotely/virtually with clients around the world or in person with firms based in Austin, Texas.
  • Financial Models – We build custom financial models, including pro forma financials, unit economics, exit values, etc. to project future revenues, expenses, cash flows, working capital and CAPEX investments, burn rate, runway, investor returns, and more. The data and charts in this spreadsheet are invaluable for pitching, board presentations, investor updates, opportunity analysis, and cash flow management.
  • Pitch Deck, Executive Summary, and Pitch Video – We create the materials used for raising money from potential investors. We also help founders hone their story and pitch.
  • Business Valuation – We provide estimated business valuations using multiple methods for various stakeholders and purposes, selling a business, buying a business, investing in a business, buying out a partner, raising money, issuing employee stock options, partnership negotiations, etc.
  • Opportunity Analysis – We complete comparative analysis of various offerings, including Unit Economics Sensitivity Analysis, SWOT analysis, business model assessment, risk assessment, ROI, IRR, NPV, cash-on-cash-return, cost analysis, break even, pre-tax cash flows, time until payout of investment, throughput accounting, and more
  • Term Sheet Review – We review investor and lender term sheets from a strategic financial perspective, helping you get the best deal possible and avoid big problems down the road.
  • Loan Application Consulting – We review and provide feedback on loan applications, walking clients through the process of setting up debt financing from start to finish. We provide strategy, advice, direction, and resources for acquiring business loans and/or lines of credit.

Additional Services

In addition to the financial services listed above, we also offer the following consulting services to our clients, as needed, often in conjunction with finance-related projects.

  • Business Planning – Full business plan, business communications, management processes, cultural documents, etc.
  • Marketing Plan, including Market Research – Comprehensive multi-channel plan, budget, timeline, consumer online / offline market research
  • Sales Funnel Analysis – Create and analyze sales funnels for each channel to measure and improve the sales and marketing process
  • Competitive Analysis – Analysis of which services, markets, neighborhoods, and customers to focus on, and what competitors are and aren’t doing in those niches
  • Customer Analysis – Research and interview typical potential customers and provide an analysis and summary of the findings, including demographic and psychographic analysis, customer feelings on pricing, location, product/service offerings, and more
  • Pricing Analysis – Research and recommend pricing strategies for each aspect of the business, including analysis and a summary of the research
  • Dashboard – Data collection and measurement of key indicators necessary to the success of the business